Duck Boss Boats LLC, warrants to the first retail purchaser of a new Duck Boss Boat from Duck Boss Boats or authorized dealer to repair or replace defects in materials or workmanship that are reported within the applicable warranty periods, subject to the ( what is not covered) section below and other limitations set out in this limited warranty.

Limited Lifetime Structural Hull Warranty to the First Purchaser: Duck Boss Boats warrants to the first purchaser to repair or replace, at Duck Boss Boats sole discretion, any defects in material or workmanship to the hull if it is found to be structurally unsafe or unfit for use for as long as the original purchaser owns the boat. For purposes of this warranty, the hull is defined as the single fiberglass casting which rest on the water. This limited warranty is subject to all limitations and conditions explained below.

Ten-Year Transferable limited Structural Hull Warranty: In addition to the lifetime limited structural hull warranty. Duck Boss Boats LLC offers a one-time transferable ten-year structural hull warranty. Duck Boss Boats will repair or replace the fiberglass hull if it is found to be structurally defective in material or workmanship within the first ten years after date of delivery to the original retail purchaser. The remaining term of this one-time ten-year limited structural hull warranty may be transferred to a second owner if, within 30 days of purchase, the new owner registers the transfer with Duck Boss Boats LLC and pays the warranty transfer fee. For more details regarding warranty transfer read details below.

Limited General Warranty: In addition to the above hull warranties, Duck Boss Boats LLC warrants to the original purchaser of this boat, if purchased from Duck Boss Boats or authorized Duck Boss Boats Dealer will repair any parts found to be defective in materials or workmanship for a period of one year from the date of delivery, subject to all limitations and conditions contained herein.

Ten- Year Transferable Limited Structural Hull Warranty Process: You can transfer the original owner’s structural hull warranty into your name for a transfer fee of $500.00 . You have 30 days from date of purchase to do so. The process involves mailing a copy of your bill of sale, Hull HIN number. Contact Duck Boss Boats at 315-481-6520 for transfer fee payment details before mailing any paperwork. Duck Boss Boats reserves the right to reject any warranty transfer request for a boat that has been damaged or previously excluded from it’s limited warranty.

Swamp Dragon boat inc
Attn: Warranty Department Duck Boss Boats
7472 Hawley Rd
Red Creek NY 13143

Sole Remedy: The remedy of repair or replacement of parts or materials that are found to be defective in factory materials or workmanship covered by this limited warranty shall constitute the owners sole and exclusive remedy against Duck Boss Boats LLC for any claims whatsoever of economic loss resulting from product failure. Products that are replaced become the property of Duck Boss Boats.

Exclusions: This warranty does not apply to any boat which has been salvaged or declared a total loss or constructive total loss for any reason not covered in this limited warranty. All boats are required to have a trailer that adequately supports the hull and use marine grade tie downs during transportation. Engines, controls, propellers, batteries, trailers or other equipment or accessories which are not installed by Duck Boss Boats or which carry their own individual warranties. Damages or deterioration of gelcoat surfaces, including scratches, gouges, chips, discoloration, fading, or oxidation. Any Duck Boss Boat which has been used for racing, military purposes, commercial use, or overpowered according to the maximum horse power specifications on US Coast Guard plate installed in each boat. Any Duck Boss Boat which has been altered or modified from factory specifications. Any failure or defect caused by an accident, product abuse or misuse, improper rigging and installation by owner or any other entity not being an authorized dealer, failure of the owner to use, maintain, or properly store the boat or any other failure to provide reasonable care and maintenance. Any defect arising from previous repair made by a non-authorized dealer, unless repair was pre-approved by Duck Boss Boats in writing. Any transportation, launch, hauling, storage, loading, or other expenses incurred in returning a Duck Boss Boat for warranty service. Any loss of time, loss of use, inconvenience , boat payment, or loss of or damage to personal property.

Owner’s Obligations: To obtain service under this limited warranty, contact a Duck Boss dealer or Duck Boss Boats within the applicable warranty period. The owner is responsible for the expenses associated with transporting the boat to and from repair facility.

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